3 tips to help kids get ready for school at any age

From pre-K all the way to high school, our kids need different things, at different stages.
News 12's Elizabeth Hashagen and Elisa DiStefano got some help from occupational therapist Danielle MacCourtney to get kids ready at any age.
Below are some of her tips:
1. Easy clothing options build independence during AM and PM routines: Elastic waist bands, Velcro sneakers, short socks, overhead tee-shirts.
2. Visual Routine Schedules build independence during multi-step tasks and directions to support classroom participation. For the younger early learner using visuals for FIRST & THEN with pictures is also helpful.
3. Play-Doh & Kinetic Sand are easy tactile options to support regulation. Other suggestions are to go the park before school, using a mini trampoline or doing yoga positions to support regulation and internal organization before school.
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