A lesson in discipline: It’s Sheriff Youth Week for more than 54 high school-aged kids

Fifty-four high school-aged kids in Monmouth County are learning what it takes to be in the field of law enforcement as part of Sheriff Youth Week.
“Over quarantine, I feel like I've gained a few pounds. So, here I can release some and most of my family is in law enforcement, so I want to get a taste of what they do,” says 13-year-old George Gonzalez.
Gonzalez wanted to get a head start on his future career in public safety. The soon-to-be freshman student signed up for Sheriff Youth Week.  
“This gives them a broad perspective from managing crime scenes to physical fitness to simulation and then a lot of different avenues they can pursue for law and public safety,” says Monmouth County Sheriff Shaun Golden.
Sheriff Youth Week began back in 1992. Many of the graduating cadets went on to successful law enforcement careers.  
“We see a lot of the young adults grow in, some come back as our interns, and then some go on to careers in law enforcement,” says Golden. “I've been to their graduations as well for their start of their careers.” 
Denis Ciobotar signed up for all four years of youth week when he was in high school. This year, he returns as an intern as he pursues his criminal justice degree.  
“I've always wanted to be a state trooper. At least that’s where I see myself right now and of course physical activity,” says Ciobotar. “I'm learning every single day and a step closer to law enforcement.”
Monmouth County students interested in signing up for the free program can click HERE.