AAA: Fatal crashes involving teen drivers in Connecticut hits highest point since 2007

The number of fatal crashes involving teen drivers in Connecticut reached its highest point in over a decade last year, according to AAA.
In 2022, there were 33 fatal crashes involving teenaged drivers in Connecticut – the highest since 2007 when there were 48. That increase parallels a growing number of people killed in teen driver crashes nationwide.
There were 12,264 teen drivers involved in crashes in Connecticut last year.
According to AAA, the top five driver contributing circumstances to those crashes were:
  • Followed too closely (2,863 crashes)
  • Failed to keep in proper lane (1,969)
  • Failed to yield right-of-way (1,190)
  • Exceeded speed limit / too fast for conditions (1,141)
  • Ran off roadway (596)
AAA Northeast analyzed teen driving crash data from UConn’s Crash Data Repository. RELATED: Eliminate distracted driving with these tips
AAA offers the following tips for parents when talking to their teens about driving:
  • Wear your seatbelt: Teens model parents’ behaviors, and wearing a seatbelt is the best protection you can give yourself in the event of a crash.
  • Set limits on other passengers: Research shows the risk of a fatal crash dramatically increases when teen passengers accompany a teen driver, but having a parent or guardian in the car decreases the risk of a fatal crash.
  • Sign a parent-teen driving agreement: Aim to lay ground rules for your teen driver.