Aggressive coyote spotted at Williams Park in Brookfield

The coyote did not attack or injure anyone.

Robyn Karashik

Jun 17, 2024, 4:03 PM

Updated 35 days ago


Brookfield Parks and Recreation sent out a public safety announcement Monday morning warning residents of an aggressive coyote roaming Williams Park.
The Wildlife Help organization recommends the best safety practices against coyotes when hiking or enjoying the outdoors include keeping pets on a leash, avoiding feeding wildlife and carrying noisemakers like a whistle or air horn.
If a noisemaker isn’t available, Wildlife Help recommends getting loud, waving arms and throwing objects with the goal of scaring the animal away.
Any sightings or interactions can be reported to a local parks and recreation or Animal Control.
For more information on coyotes, visit the Wildlife Help website.

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