Anniversary of Mianus bridge collapse sparks debate

The Greenwich community remembers the 25th anniversary of the Mianus River Bridge collapse amid a wave of controversy. No official ceremonies are being held this weekend to commemorate the three people who died in the 1983 collapse, though many Greenwich residents are taking time to remember the somber day.?I looked up to the sky and here is this gaping, big hole,? says witness Lou Caravella. ?You could see the heavens.? One regional group took the anniversary as an opportunity to call for better maintenance of state bridges and highways. The Tri-State Transportation Campaign says Connecticut spends only 22 percent of its transportation funds on maintaining existing infrastructure. The group says it is a dangerous allocation of funds in a state that has some of the worst bridges in the country.Officials from the state department of transportation responded saying the bridges of Connecticut are absolutely safe.?If there were ever a doubt in our minds about the safety of a structure,? says one representative, ?We would not hesitate to take immediate action.?