Attorney: Lauren Smith-Fields' Bumble date is cooperating, not focus of investigation

The attorney for Lauren Smith-Fields' Bumble date is talking publicly for the first time about the case.
Attorney Peter Karayiannis is acting as a spokesman for Matthew LaFountain, of Milford, who police say is not a suspect in the untimely death of 23-year-old Lauren Smith-Fields.
Authorities say she died after meeting up with LaFountain two weeks before Christmas. The pair connected on the dating app Bumble.
The toxicologist reported Smith-Fields' death an accidental overdose.
A rally was held in Bridgeport Sunday, which would have been Smith-Fields' 24th birthday. Marchers singled out LaFountain, demanding to know if he played a role in Smith-Fields' death.
The medical examiner revealed this week that Smith-Fields died from a toxic combination of fentanyl and alcohol due to an accidental overdose, police say.
There has been an immense amount of anger directed at LaFountain, since Smith-Fields' family has demanded police investigate him after Bridgeport police allegedly called him a "nice guy," according to the family.
"I think it's the media that's made him the main focus of this investigation, although Bridgeport police did investigate the matter, he did fully cooperate and he's not the main focus of the investigation anymore. As we know, the DEA is involved now, and they will help local authorities investigate the matter and get to the bottom of what happened to Lauren," said Karayiannis.
Supporters, led by the family's attorney Darnell Crosland, say evidence - from bloody bed sheets to a semen-filled condom - was compromised due to an inadequate response by the Bridgeport Police Department. The family is suing the department, saying it's been racially insensitive from the outset. A detective allegedly told Smith-Fields' mom at one point to stop calling.
Karayiannis says LaFountain had nothing to do with Smith-Fields' death. Karayiannis also says while his client has been widely portrayed on social media as being a married man in his 50s, he is 37 years old and single.
"We will continue to cooperate with authorities to help definitively determine what happened to Lauren on that evening, and we want her family to find some peace after this heartbreaking loss," said Karayiannis.
In response, Crosland said he "Rejects this approach," saying if LaFountain's attorney really wanted to cooperate with police, he would voluntarily submit to a DNA test. He said "We find it shocking the attorney has never reached out to my office. If he's truly concerned about what happened to Lauren, he will make his client available to my investigative team."