BOE member says she received 2 hateful letters for showing support for Darien school program

A public official in Darien says she was a target of hate because she was in favor of a rejected program that would have let a handful of young Norwalk students attend its award-winning schools.
Board of Education member Tara Ochman says she received two hate letters at her home. She claims they were filled with bad language, and told her to move to Norwalk, since she voted to adopt the Open Choice Program.
The program proposed accepting 16 kindergarteners from Norwalk to come to school in Darien. The state-run program, that takes kids from urban districts to go to school in suburban districts, has been going on across the state for decades.
It was defeated 5-4, with only one Republican voting in favor.
Opponents say the program would be too expensive, and the town needs to concentrate on its own COVID-19 recovery.
Ochman says while not everyone will always agree, it's important not to cross the line.
State Sen. Bob Duff, who represents both communities, says he also got disrespectful emails about this situation.
"We should embrace these kind of programs to educate our kids in so many different ways," said Duff.
Duff is urging the board to reconsider the program, but Ochman says it is not likely to be back on the agenda for the kids attending school next year.