Bottle deposit prices are increasing in Connecticut, a local Bridgeport recycling facility says they are ready to help the environment

There will be an increase in Connecticut's bottling deposit program, stores will now charge 10 cents per container. 
A new recycling center in Bridgeport opened its doors and says it's ready for more business to help our environment.
The MLI Bottle Return Center opened two weeks ago, and they hope to be processing about 600,000 containers per day here in the future.
Fred Miers the owner of the new bottle recycling center says he's glad to be helping the environment and helping to put money back into people's pockets.
“This system here, I'm proud to open it up and invest into Bridgeport and my customer base, making returning cans as simple as possible,” said Miers.
On Jan. 1, the deposit amount for containers is doubling.
Miers said this was another reason he built this location.
“I'm expecting a lot more bottles and cans...right now there is 48% return factor in CT, we are hoping with the 10-cent factor it will reach 75% to 80%,” said Miers.
The facility has the technology to separate all bottles by the brand to send back to its manufacturer, then the machine grinds up the materials for new containers, and eventualy, those new containers make their way back to the recycling company.
Miers says the MLI Bottle Return Center is one of the biggest recycling centers in all of Connecticut.