Bridgeport Rescue Mission seeks donations, saying demand has grown exponentially

The Bridgeport Rescue Mission is making what they describe as "an emergency appeal for donations."
The nonprofit says demand for food has "exploded" in recent months, and they won't be able to keep up during the second half of the year without more public support.
They say the number of people showing up at their new building on Park Avenue every day has grown "exponentially" in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, as emergency benefits for families and individuals have begun to disappear.
"It's marvelous just to have that capacity to see a person who has no hope and to see light come into their eyes and to say back to us, ‘I feel like I have hope for the first time,’" said Larry Fullerton, with the Bridgeport Rescue Mission.
They say they opened a new floor for homeless mothers and kids back in April and it's already at full capacity. It costs the nonprofit over $300,000 a year to operate.