Bridgeport students walk out of classes in protest of principal out on admin leave

Students at a regional magnet school walked out of their classrooms Tuesday in protest over a popular principal put on administrative leave.
Fairchild Wheeler Interdistrict Magnet Campus serves students from multiple districts but the Bridgeport superintendent is in charge. A number of students rallied in the halls, demanding to know why a popular principal has been absent since mid-March. Similar questions were raised Monday night at a Bridgeport Board of Education meeting.
Superintendent Michael Testani told News 12 that the principal, one of three at the school, is on administrative leave and cannot comment on the matter.
"It would be a great loss to the magnet school and the city to lose her. If she did something egregious that can't be fixed – I get that," said parent Allison Yao.
The superintendent did send out a message about the situation and told News 12 he felt he had a productive exchange with the students who rallied inside the school.