Bridgeport superintendent says science is a top priority this school year

Bridgeport's new superintendent told News 12 that one of her priorities this year is to promote opportunities for students interested in science and math.
Dr. Carmela Levy-David toured the Bridgeport Regional Vocational Aquaculture School Friday, where she talked about the importance of not just teaching those subjects, but bringing them to life.
"We are talking about the positive aspects of science instruction in school, how critical it is for our students to have exposure to doing science versus just reading science," says Dr. Levy-David.
This includes students using the school's hatcheries to work with fish in a controlled scientific environment, along with nurturing red-clawed crayfish.
Dr. Levy-David says she is excited to provide more scientific educational experiences to all students.
"It's really critical for a student to understand why this is important and how they can access this type of experience and make it one of their choices in a school," says Dr. Levy-David.