Bridgeport woman raises money to purchase a wheelchair van for special needs children

A Bridgeport woman is hoping to continue to make a difference in the lives of kids with special needs.
Isabel Richardson's son, AJ, who was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, died of cancer in 2008.
Soon after his death, she established the organization Aaron's Journey in memory of him to help support families with childen who are born with severe disabilities.
After years of effort, she also got the city's first all-inclusive playground for kids with special needs constructed at Beardsley Park.
News 12 Connecticut was instrumental in getting Richardson a wheelchair accessible van so that she could take kids with disabilities back and forth to the playground. Richardson also used the van to take the kids to medical appointments.
In spite of her having her own mobility issues, Richardson also used the van to bring holiday gifts to kids with special needs each year.
The second-hand vehicle is no longer operational, so now she is working to get a new van to provide families with this important service.
She says the van bridges a critical gap in transportation services in Bridgeport.
Sen. Richard Blumenthal says he will look for federal dollars to get the van replaced.
Richardson, in the meantime, says she is praying for a positive outcome and accepts in faith alone that she will succeed in this latest effort as she has done in the past.