Police: Bomb threat that closed Brookfield Public Schools and Town Hall was false alarm

According to a notification from the district, the police department learned of a bomb threat to the schools, the Board of Education and some school officials' homes.

Sandrina Rodrigues, Rose Shannon and John Craven

Mar 8, 2024, 12:18 PM

Updated 42 days ago


Brookfield Public Schools and Town Hall were closed Friday following a bomb threat that turned out to be a false alarm, according to police.
According to a notification from the district, the police department learned of a bomb threat to the schools, the Board of Education and some school officials' homes.
Officials say media outlets, including News 12 Connecticut received an email around 6:45 a.m. Friday that was addressed to school leaders and said, "You are disgusting degenerate .... pedophiles, we will .... kill you all. I will shoot up your offices if I have to. Bombs have been placed in the schools, evacuate them now so no children are harmed."
The FBI is investigating the origin of these emails. However, figuring out who sent the emails can be difficult because many suspects use multiple overseas servers to mask their identity.
The schools were originally on a two-hour delay, but the district said in letter to parents and faculty that after consultation with police and town officials more time was needed to conduct a thorough sweep of all schools and town hall.
The closures were done out of an abundance of caution, Superintendent John Barile said.
First Selectman Stephen Dunn (D-Brookfield) tells News 12 says following the Sandy Hook shooting, the town and district do not take any chances in these situations.
"That was an incredible tragedy, and these things cannot be taken lightly," says Dunn.
Police spent hours searching Town Hall, the school district offices along with Candlewood Lake Elementary, Whisconier Middle School and Brookfield High School.
"They're going to search, look around, look for suspicious packages. Anything that might be out of the ordinary. Checking all their cameras to see if someone was around the buildings," Maj. Peter Frengs.
Police preliminarily cleared all school buildings and Town Hall. Bomb-sniffing dogs from MTA police were brought in to make sure there were no explosives and surveillance video was reviewed.
Officers say the goal was ensure the safety of everyone.
"We're going through all of our schools, as well as Town Hall. We checked the library. And then the residences were outside of our jurisdiction, so they would be checked by other police departments," says Frengs.
While the district has not received any specific threats recently, it has faced protests over menstrual products in schools and a challenged library book.
All schools will be on a regular schedule on Monday.
Counseling will be made available on Monday and throughout the week.
Activities remain on schedule at schools this weekend.
There will be increased police presence at all schools.
In a letter email sent to residents, faculty and students Friday afternoon officials said, "we are frustrated and disgusted with the actions of the individual(s) who threatened our staff, our schools, and our community. While the police have determined that there is no current threat to the physical safety of our school community, our sense of security–both physically and emotionally–has certainly been damaged. Given the current rhetoric that has circulated both locally and nationally in recent weeks, it appears the incident today is a result. It is time for us to come together as a community. While we may have disagreements and differences of opinion, there is no place for threats of violence or personal harm. No one deserves such treatment. We stand by the tenets of our Brookfield Cs and the motto of "create your tomorrow." Our tomorrow has the potential to be bright and full of hope, provided we make the conscious choice to work collaboratively to resolve our concerns in a civilized manner."

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