Cardiologists: Don't ignore heart trouble symptoms because of the holidays

People should not ignore their regular routines during the holiday season because it can lead to several health issues, cardiologists told News 12.
Doctors say during the holidays, people experience joy and stress simultaneously. But that stress can cause one's heart rate and blood pressure to spike and put one at risk for a heart attack, stroke or damage to the arteries.
"Heart attacks increase at this time, every year, and patients often don't reach out for help fast enough. People tend to ignore symptoms that they might not ignore other times of the year," says Dr. Steven Kunkes, cardiac specialists at Yale New Haven Health.
Dr. Kunkes says people might not want to disturb their families or might be under pressure to complete their work before the holidays begin.
However, if people have excess fatigue, shortness of breath, swelling of the legs, chest discomforts – that should not be ignored, especially this time of year.
People should also watch their blood pressure levels. A new study found that you are more likely to have high blood pressure if your significant other does. The findings in the Journal of the American Heart Association showed that in 38% of couples in the U.S. in their 40s or older, both people have high blood pressure.
Doctors say this likely because couples are in-sync with their behaviors.