Caught on camera: Gunmen fire over 30 rounds, hitting one man in face, injuring 2 others in Bridgeport

Security camera footage obtained by News 12 captured the chaos on Park Avenue in Bridgeport after a shootout around 10:50 p.m. Tuesday. It happened between Wood Avenue and Washington Terrace after multiple gunmen fired over 30 rounds and injured three people, police said.
News 12 spoke with one of the victims, a 50-year-old man who was shot in his face while inside his own home, where he’s lived since 1991. The bullet went right through his front door.
“I feel blessed that I'm alive,” he said.
The victim said he'd just come home from work and saw a group of people across the street and at the nearby gas station. Then he heard arguing.
“I went inside the house because I was tired cause I had just worked like 15, 16 hours,” he recalled.
That's when gunfire lit up the neighborhood, followed by the sound of sirens. Video showed one of the victims being carried and loaded into a car. Police said he’s a 32-year-old man from Wethersfield. He went to the hospital in critical condition, according to police. They also said a 38-year-old Bridgeport woman was hit in her leg and bleeding badly, so the first officers there had to apply a tourniquet.
It's a scene that's become all too familiar to the people who live there after several shootings in the past few months. The victim News 12 spoke with said it's because of drug activity that's come into the area.
“We've got people from other neighborhoods come here and they start doing their stuff,” he explained. “This is a beautiful neighborhood. There's a lot of hardworking people here.”
He's put multiple cameras all over his home and fence in hopes of deterring crime. Signs there warn of 24-hour surveillance and “police take notice no loitering.” But he said it hasn’t worked. He wants city leaders and police to do something.. to help return his neighborhood to what it was.
“I never wanted to move, but it's gotten out of control,” he told News 12.
Anyone with information can contact Bridgeport Police Detective David Garcia at 203-581-5233 or call the Bridgeport Police Tips line at 203 576-TIPS.