Caught on camera: Video shows people breaking into Greenwich pharmacy

Police say a Greenwich pharmacy is the most recent pharmacy to get broken into following an uptick in break-ins throughout the state.
The break-in at North Street Pharmacy was captured on camera.
News 12 spoke to the owner and learned that this was not the first time their pharmacy had been broken into.
Sonali Costa has been the owner of the independent family-friendly pharmacy for 11 years.
"They just smashed it. Just walked right in. The alarms were blaring, they didn't care," Costa said. "So, they crowbarred the pharmacy they broke the lock, and then kicked it open, and then another alarm ensues because I have double alarms, and I have cameras everywhere."
Costa says the suspects took codeine, bottles of blood pressure medication and all the cash from the register.
A pharmacy consultant with Northeast Pharmacy Service Corporation says since July, there have been 17 independent pharmacy break-ins and attempted break-ins in the state.
They say sometimes as many as four break-ins happen in the same night.
The communications director for the state's Department of Consumer Protection, Kaitlyn Krasselt, suggests pharmacies obtain any necessary security features.
"It is a huge expense for business owners. And that's certainly a burden,” said Krasselt.
Costa, who had more motion detectors installed after their first break-in in August, says extra security advancements are another loss of control for independent pharmacy business owners.
"It's already a struggling business to begin with, independent pharmacies are struggling every day just to make ends meet, and now we have this happen to us," said Costa.
Officials are investigating if the incident is linked to other independent pharmacy break-ins.