Chip City Cookies opens second Connecticut location in Darien

Chip City, a cookie chain with a bit of a cult following, opened its second Connecticut location on Friday, with customers lining up all day in Darien.
"Our kids at the depot have been talking about this for months," said Amy Daniels, the executive director of the Darien Youth Center. "They are super excited for it to open."
Teddy Gailas, who co-founded Chip City in Queens in 2017, says he wasn't necessarily surprised at the fact that people started packing inside the store even before doors officially opened, or the fact that the line never really got any shorter, telling News 12 "we're used to that. we tend to draw crowds, especially on opening day, but it's obviously a great feeling that we're in a new neighborhood, a new market, and you can sense the excitement."
Chip City's reputation is based mainly on its giant cookies - and even bigger menu, offering over 40 flavors that rotate. More than 274,000 Instagram followers check the account each week, anxious to see which ones will be available.
"They're all ridiculous," said Jessica Tyler Wright, of Darien, "if you're standing in the store, you smell that they're fresh baking the cookies every day, and they're so clever and all the flavor blends and offerings - it is worth all the hype."
While Tyer Wright had been there before when living in Queens, she bragged that "I texted all my friends who still live in Astoria and I said 'Ha ha. Guess what? I've got one now, too.'"
Many other customers were trying Chip City for the first time.
Many, like Darien's Daphne Konstantinis, said she had heard of it, and that she and her friends have "been talking about this location for a while."
"We saw it opening and getting under construction," she says.
Catherin Gbadebo, from Derby, agreed, saying "we're all excited because we all love sweet treats."
The Darien Chip City is open every day from 11 a.m. until 10 p.m., with the new menus coming out on Fridays.