Connecticut’s Beadsley Zoo is asking for help to name new baby girl anteater

She was born June 15, 2021. It was not until December when the Beardsley Zoo received the verification the new baby anteater was a girl. 
Today, the zoo is asking for the public’s help to give her a name. 
These three names have been proposed: 
Andarliho, which is Portuguese for “wanderer.” 
Corajosa, another Portuguese word for “brave, bold, valiant.” 
Chili, a small hot-tasting pod of a variety of capsicum, used in sauces and relishes. 
The birth of a girl is welcome news for the zoo. According to them, anteaters are “not easy to sex from their body size, color, and external genitalia.”
“We couldn’t be happier that our Giant anteater baby is a girl,” says zoo director Gregg Dancho. It’s “important for the continuation of this vulnerable species.” 
The baby anteater spends her time occasionally riding on her mother’s back, but is becoming more independent as she continues to grow.  
The zoo says at just nine days old she weighed 4.3 pounds. On Dec. 21, she had grown to 45 pounds. 
You can vote on the name here. Voting begins today and runs through January 21, 2022.