CT Democrats: Out-of-state drivers will pay more if tolls return

Top Democrats admitted Wednesday that the base rate for those without a Connecticut EZ-Pass would be almost 10 cents-a-mile at rush hour.
The 4 cents-a-mile rate that's often quoted only applies to in-state frequent commuters, Democrats announced at a press conference in Hartford.
Toll supporters insist that only out-of-state drivers would pay the higher rate.
State Rep. Matt Ritter says out of state drivers get charged more in every other state but Connecticut. 
"In other states, they are soaking out-of-state drivers.  It's exactly what people do.  I mean, the bridges, the cost of bridges, in some cases $20 to go over a bridge.  Every other state is doing that except Connecticut," Ritter says.
Gov. Ned Lamont wants to delay a vote on tolls for a special session most likely in August.