Dashcam shows swarm of ATVs, other vehicles that took over Post Road in Milford

Dashcam video obtained by News 12 shows the throng of ATVs, motorcycles, and other vehicles that swarmed the Post Road in Milford on Saturday, July 8. Police estimated over 300 riders rolled down Route 1 from West Haven through Orange then Milford. The footage from a Milford police car shows what drivers had to deal with on the road—a seemingly never-ending caravan that included vehicles that aren’t street legal.
The video reveals it took over three minutes for most of the vehicles to pass the stopped police car that was recording them. The footage also captures lots of wheelies and weaving between cars. At one point, a group of riders drives into ongoing traffic while others clog an intersection.
PFC. Brianna MacDonald previously said officers were told not to pursue the riders because it creates a more dangerous situation. Instead, police responded to the area and activated their dashcams. They previously posted still photos from that footage to social media in hopes of identifying participants.
Police hope to make arrests that will deter this type of behavior, which MacDonald classified as dangerous for everybody that’s in the takeover and everyone else on the road. She told News 12 there was at least one crash reported on July 8.
There has been one arrest made so far in the street takeover. Police in Milford and Orange continue to investigate and ask anyone with information to come forward.