Despite Gov. Lamont’s efforts, poll shows toll plan remains unpopular

Tolls in Connecticut remain unpopular, according to a new poll.
Gov. Ned Lamont put out a 24-page plan full of details designed to reassure drivers and win them over. However, a Sacred Heart poll shows almost 60% of Connecticut residents continue to oppose tolls.
Those numbers improve slightly when people learn the money will only fund highway projects.
For his part, Gov. Lamont got low marks for how he's handled the tolls issue.  On Wednesday, the governor changed his mind about delaying a toll vote until this summer.
He asked top lawmakers if they could "fast track" a vote in the next few days. But today, Democratic House Speaker Joe Aresimowicz said there's just not enough time.
"The governor has been very consistent…on his desire to fix the infrastructure issues of the state of Connecticut,” said Aresimowicz. “He's actually been somewhat flexible on how we're going to go about it."
Before Republicans get excited, the poll isn't great news for them either. It shows there is very little support for their plan to borrow money to pay for road projects.