DOC: Incarcerated man punched correction officer during dinner at Cheshire facility

Three corrections officers have been attacked this week at facilities in the state.
On Thursday, an officer was attacked at the Cheshire Correctional Institution.
The State Department of Correction says an inmate punched an officer while dinner was being served.
He was taken to an area hospital, released and is recovering at home.
"He was going to use the radio to call for assistance and he lost the radio when the inmate punched him in the face and in the stomach," says Sean Howard, president of the AFSCME Local 387.
The inmate involved in the attack was transported to the MacDougall Walker Correctional Institution's restrictive housing unit.
The incident is under investigation.
Earlier this week, two correction officers were stabbed by an inmate with a sharpened toothbrush at Garner Correctional Institution in Newtown.
Howard tells News 12 morale among officers is at an all-time low and feels that lawmakers have let them down.
"Sit down with people who actually do the job so we can sit there and change this so we can actually do our jobs more safely and efficiently," Howard.
In a statement, Gov. Ned Lamont said, "Any attack on a correction officer is unacceptable and must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Our administration is always willing to hear the thoughts of those on the front lines on how to improve the safety of our correctional facilities. Commissioner Quiros and the leadership at the DOC will continue working with union representatives to develop policies to combat any such assault on a correction officer."