Doctors warn of multiple virus risks ahead of Thanksgiving

With RSV and the flu cases up from last year, local doctors are warning of the risk of spreading it this Thanksgiving dinner.
Doctors say our immune systems have been taking it easy for close to three years of pandemic precautions, and now they're struggling to catch up.
But people News 12 caught up to while prepping for their feasts at Stew Leonard's Tuesday say they have big family dinners on their minds.
Doctors with Hartford HealthCare say they've already seen more cases of flu this year than they did in all the 2021-22 flu season.
Respiratory syncytial virus, or RSV, is filling pediatric hospital beds in what doctors say is the worst season for that virus in five years.
Dr. Andrew Wong says if you're feeling any upper respiratory symptoms on Thursday, even a sniffle, it's safest to stay home and join the celebration via Zoom. He recommends Thanksgiving safety strategies - straight from the pandemic playbook.
"Just do your best to keep your distance from others and to wear that mask when you're not eating. Everything we can do to reduce transmission is worthwhile," said Wong.