Double poling pilot program coming to Norwalk; city seeks removal of old poles

Mayor Harry Rilling and the City of Norwalk announced plans for a double poling pilot program in Norwalk on Tuesday.
Double poles refer to the replacement of utility poles installed directly next to existing ones.
State officials call them eyesores, which can also distract drivers and cause car accidents.
That’s why Norwalk and five other communities will remove the old poles entirely or transfer the old parts to the updated poles.
“This didn’t happen until we started talking about it and the process is rather complex. And the utility companies have to talk to each other,” said Rilling. “By bringing them together one every quarter, sitting down at the table, getting an update as to where they are. I think that’s made a huge difference.
Project contractors will be collecting data on delays and cost efficiency, in order to bring the pilot statewide.