‘Dying for democracy’ - Stamford nonprofit concerned for students in Ukraine

A nonprofit in Stamford that connects Ukrainian teens with volunteers in the U.S. to learn English is concerned for the safety of students amid the Russian invasion of Ukraine. 
About 4,000 Ukranian students from all over the country practice their English with volunteers in the U.S. through a program called ENGin. 
Yuriy tells News 12’s Shosh Bedrosian while hiding in an undisclosed location in Ukraine, they can hear the missiles. 
“There’s nothing you can do,” says Yuriy. 
While hiding, Yuriy uses candles to create nets for the Ukranian military to use to hide. He says he is just “trying to enjoy every moment because I don’t know which one will be our last.” 
ENGin founder Katerina Manoff says they are trying to remain in contact with their students. Instead of teaching, they’re taking on the role of helping students witness this violence. 
“They’re seeing dead bodies without heads and limbs out on the street,” says Manoff. “They’re kids and it’s just not okay.” 
Amidst the chaos, tragedy and attacks, her students are finding their voice and sharing their stories. 
Yuriy says his people in Ukraine are “dying for the democracy and values that people value so much in Europe or in the U.S.” 
Yuriy explains that actions have to be taken because “if we don’t stand by what is right, and we let the evil win, our fragile world will not have a chance.”