Easton farmer feeds crops throughout drought with rainwater collection

As Connecticut deals with stage 3 drought conditions that have lasted most of the summer, one Easton farmer says he's keeping his crops lush with rainwater harvesting.
The owner of Palmieri Farm keeps his vegetables well-watered through the hot summer thanks to expertise he picked up at his last job.
"I used to own an environmental company, we would pull out these large tanks from people's commercial properties and send them to a scrapyard to be recycled," said owner Joseph Palmieri.
As he transitioned from hauler to farmer, Palmieri reused and refurbished six tanks instead of recycling them and sunk them into his property on North Park Avenue.
Pipes and hoses lead from gutters to 43,000 gallons of rain-fed storage that provides the farm with its lifeblood.
Palmieri says you need to keep roots happy if you want healthy produce.
"You can really tell the difference in vegetables when they've been watered correctly and in times of drought," he said.
In a summer marked by severe drought conditions, Palmieri has been watering his garden every day for free.
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