'Ethan's Law' would force gun owners to keep unloaded firearms under lock and key

A new gun law being proposed in Hartford would force gun owners to keep their unloaded firearms inside a safe if children live at the home.
Ethan's Law is named for Ethan Song, a teenager from Guilford who fatally shot himself accidentally last year.
Song was playing with a gun owned by his friend's father that was found in a cardboard box with bullets nearby.
Ethan's mother, Kristen Song, says her son would still be alive if Connecticut had tougher gun storage laws.
She came to Hartford Monday to testify for this new legislation.
"The truth is you always know the right thing to do," Song said. "The hard part is doing the right thing."
Chief Jeffrey Hutchinson of the Guilford Police Department says that while firearms may be stored unloaded, they often are next to a box of ammunition. He says it's not very difficult for people to figure out how to load and discharge a gun.
The state's biggest gun rights group, Connecticut Citizens Defense League, supports Ethan's Law with other conditions attached to it.
"I would fully support this bill if it was accompanied by a mandated gun safety curriculum in schools," Walter Kupson said.
State lawmakers are also considering bans on 3-D printed guns and unregistered "ghost guns" assembled from a kit.
In Stamford, Gov. Ned Lamont said he supports both laws that would make it harder to get a gun and use it.
"I can buy a semi-automatic weapon online, have it delivered with almost no questions asked," he said.
Ethan's Law would make it a felony to store a weapon outside a safe. Gun owners could also use a trigger lock.