Fairfield chef shares easy Super Bowl menu recipes

It's crunch time to get your Super Bowl menu ready.
Chief Dan Monroe, from The Pantry in Fairfield, says there are many easy recipes people can make at home that are inexpensive and will score big with guests.
This includes buffalo wings and guacamole.
"These are marinated overnight in just a little bit of hot sauce. Four-hundred degrees for about 30 minutes. Get them nice and toasty and crispy," says Monroe.
Monroe recommends people make fan favorite guacamole themselves instead of buying it.
"Don't buy pre-made guacamole. Make it yourself and it's super easy. Add onions, some cilantro and some jalapeno. Tomato adds a little something extra to it and also adds a little more acid. And then, last but not least, is a lime. Throw in a teaspoon of salt and then you're just going to mash it all up together," says Monroe.