Fairfield Public Schools ordered to improve racial balance in district

Fairfield Public Schools held an online meeting Tuesday to discuss improving racial balance in the district. The state says McKinley Elementary School has too high a percentage of students of color and ordered the district to make changes.
The district has hired a consultant who has made suggestions, such as closing a school or creating a magnet school, but these ideas were rejected.
The district will now move forward with redistricting. Parents expressed their concerns about having their kids potentially switch schools during an online meeting Tuesday.
"I would love for it to be something positive, that it was something that was a change that is good for the Town of Fairfield and our students, not something that is dreaded by everybody and right now we are nowhere near something like that," said Fairfield School Board candidate David Krasnoff.
There is a deadline for the district to come up with a plan. Some parents say the best option is to try to change the state's laws.