Fairfield school undergoes environmental probe after mold concerns

A Fairfield elementary school underwent an environmental investigation after parents and teachers raised health concerns over the possibility of mold inside of classrooms.
Timothy Dwight Elementary School on Redding Road in Fairfield underwent an investigation on Oct. 16 by an environmental testing firm who conducted a mold assessment of several classrooms, according to a letter sent to parents from Fairfield Superintendent of Schools Toni Jones.
According to the letter, no mold was found inside of the classrooms despite teachers' claims there are damp conditions, strange odors and even a grey-colored substance leaking from behind wooden boards in one of the classrooms.
An image of one of the classrooms where teachers suspected mold was posted on social media prior to the investigation.
In the letter to parents, Jones says the odor at the school can be attributed to a failed fan actuator linked to the septic tank vent pipe.
He says the school is working on resolving the issue with the fan. Jones says he requested air sample tests Thursday.
Parents, teachers and staff members are slated to meet at the school to discuss the findings of the environmental testing on Oct. 30.