Fairfield superintendent reinvites author to school after initially canceling appearances

Fairfield School Superintendent Mike Testani says he initially canceled an appearance set for Thursday at three elementary schools but then reinvited the author.
Cancellations and concerns came after some parents questioned whether the children's graphic novel is "age-appropriate."
"The Cardboard Kingdom: Snow and Sorcery," by Connecticut author Chad Sell, includes characters who are queer and gender nonconforming.
Sell was initially set to speak at Riverfield, Holland Hill and Burr Elementary Schools. 
Testani initially said the cancellation arose from feedback received from families.
"It's easy to sit back right now, for some folks, and pass judgment, but I can assure you that this will be rescheduled if time allows, and I think it will," said Testani.
In a statement to News 12, Testani said the Fairfield School District does not endorse book banning.
"In my opinion, if you have a problem with someone that maybe doesn't align with your views, then don't send your child to school that day, right?” said Bridget McBride, a Riverfield Elementary School parent. “Don't make the rest of the district, all the children that are going to be able to celebrate this book suffer because you have a problem with it."
Emily Welsh from the Black Rock Books says she was upset to learn about the parent complaints.
"It's censorship, that's what it is," she said.
In response, she says she reached out to the author with a message.
"We stand with you in solidarity, and we welcome you to the store if you'd ever like to do an event and it's a shame that this happened," said Welsh.
The event was moved to the Fairfield Public Library on Thursday.