Fairfield, Weston school officials say students have participated in TikTok trend that involves stealing, destroying property

A TikTok challenge that involves students stealing or destroying school property and posting the results has hit schools in Fairfield and Weston.
Officials in the districts say the so-called "Devious Licks challenge" has hit their high schools and middle schools, leading to vandalism in school bathrooms.
Fairfield police say there are no investigations currently open.
Fairfield Superintendent Mike Cummings is asking parents for their help. He sent an email Friday saying in part, "To date, all incidents have been investigated and those involved have been disciplined, including detentions, restorative measures, and paying for repairs and/or replacement... Now we are asking for your help. Please talk to your kids and let them know that this is not a harmless prank, but destruction of school property that has very serious consequences."
TikTok is cracking down on the challenge, saying Devious Licks has banned from the platform and all relevant posts will be removed.