Families fear closure of Dwight Elementary School due to redistricting; BOE says no plans to close

Families in Fairfield gathered at the Sherman Green to rally against the possibility of a local elementary school closing. 
Parents say they've heard talks of plans to close Dwight Elementary School in a Fairfield redistricting effort. 
However, the Board of Education told News 12 there is currently no plan to close the school. They say they will be creating potential redistricting scenarios for the town to address the racial imbalance. 
Concerned parents say they want the town to hear their concerns.
"Our message is to the town: to consider all children, to consider all taxpayers, and to understand that if you were to close the school, you would create a massive overcrowding problem which could lead to a lot of other problems in the district," says David Krasnoff, a school board representative for Dwight Elementary School. 
Krasnoff says an increase in class sizes due to the potential closing of the school would have a negative effect on students' education.