Families of Brenda Lee Rawls, Lauren Smith-Fields say they weren't consulted about Saturday's march

The family of Brenda Lee Rawls said they were not consulted about a Black Women Speak march set to take place in Bridgeport this weekend and they do not endorse it.
Black Women Speak: A March For Truth and Justice is being organized by the group Generation Now Votes, which says its intentions are "entirely positive."
"It's really important that Black women's voices be heard as we move through this process with the City of Bridgeport and its handling of the cases of Lauren Smith-Fields and Brenda Lee Rawls," said Geemeem Davis, of Bridgeport Generation Now Votes.
The family of Lauren Smith-Fields says they will not be attending the march and they don't appreciate not being consulted about it — but that they have given the group permission to use Lauren Smith-Fields' photo.
The march begins Saturday at 1 p.m. ay 45 Lyon Terrace.
The Bridgeport Police Department is under growing scrutiny for its handling of both Smith-Fields' and Rawls death investigations. Both women were found dead on the same day in December under similar circumstances. The officers involved in the investigations have been suspended. The families are calling for a federal investigation.