Families of women killed in racing accident call for stricter penalties

The families of two women who were killed in a car accident last year are calling for stricter penalties for negligent homicides with a motor vehicle.
Lisa Herrera, the mother of Pfc. Shalymar Herrera, met with state representatives Wednesday to propose legislation she is trying to present before the General Assembly.
The proposed bill, #6720, would increase the penalties for illegal racing and negligent homicide with a motor vehicle to a fine of no more than $3,500, or a prison sentence of no more than three years or both.
Shalymar Herrera, along with Brianna Torres-Carter and her unborn baby Luna, were killed on River Road in Shelton when a car from Pennsylvania raced them and the cars crashed. Torres-Carter's husband, Lawrence, was driving the car and charged with manslaughter and negligent vehicular homicide.
Lisa Herrera says there is a public hearing coming up in Hartford and she wants to do a motorcycle ride this spring to support homeless veterans. She says she also wants to discuss a bill that addresses fetal homicide with a motor vehicle with the Assembly.
A petition to sign for this legislation can be found here.