Family of teen fatally shot by officer in West Haven to file wrongful death lawsuit against state

Attorneys for the family of a Connecticut teen killed by state police say they've filed a notice of claims against the state and the city of West Haven.
State police shot and killed Mubarak Soulemane after a police chase on Interstate 95 last month. Police say he was armed with a knife at the time of the shooting. But attorney Mark Arons says cooler heads should have prevailed once his car was blocked by officers.
The family's attorneys say they're seeking $10 million in damages for his wrongful death.
"I pray no other family has to experience this pain," says Omo Mohammed, Mubarak's mother. "I pray that no mother has to see this again."
Civil rights attorney Sanford Rubenstein says Soulemane's family wants State Trooper Brian North to be held responsible.
"That if you do what he did —fire seven shots rapidly, into a car that's already blocked in, with a door that's closed, with a window that's closed, and kill a victim in that car—you will be held accountable criminally," says Rubenstein.
The family says they'll march for justice Friday afternoon in West Haven.
North is currently on desk duty while investigations into the shooting are ongoing.