Farmers markets feel impact of high gas prices

The price at the pump is forcing vendors at farmers markets to charge more also.
Gazy Brothers Farms, a regular fixture at the Westport Farmers Market, says costs are up 30 percent from 2007. In addition to diesel gas being a greater expenditure, the costs of other necessities like fertilizer and mulch are accompanying the gas hikes.
"Fuel is affecting every aspect of what you're buying right now," says Alexis Gazy.
Gazy Brothers expects to visit nine markets a week by July. With diesel fuel hitting $5 per gallon, managers expect to spend an extra $200 every week on gas.
Not everyone sees gas prices as a problem. Bakery owner Michele Albano is hoping gas hikes will actually help her business by cutting down on residents traveling and leaving the area.
"We're hoping if people are home on the weekends more, they'll actually come and visit us in the store to get a treat for their picnic or weekend festivities," says Albano.