Former Stamford students attempt to dig up past with time capsule they buried in 1997

Former students in Stamford reunited in the hopes of digging up a time capsule they buried 25 years ago.
The former seventh-grade students were from Mr. Mike Rinaldi's social studies class.
He decided to bury the time capsule back in 1997 because he was planning on moving up within the district and wanted to commemorate his last year.
“Back in ‘97, there were things like snap brackets that were popular, Beanie Babies, they're in there, personal items, newspaper, a team magazine and we had every student write a letter to a future student in the year 2022 explaining what like was like back in the year 1997,” said Rinaldi.
The day turned into a big reunion. A lot of these adults haven't seen each other since they were 13 or 14 years old.
It didn't go as planned, with the crew spending about four hours trying to dig up the capsule with no luck. They will be back Thursday to continue searching.