Giving back: Darien football players make pies for first responders, teachers and food pantry

Members of the Darien High School football team held their seventh annual Men Making Pies event on Sunday at the Depot Teen Center.
Some pies will be donated to the New Covenant House, a food pantry and soup kitchen in Stamford – players will serve dinner and dessert on Tuesday. The rest of the pies will be delivered to Darien first responders and teachers at Darien High School.
The players exchanged their jerseys and helmets for aprons, whisks and spatulas. They made three kinds of pies – key lime, pumpkin and chocolate.
"I think it's a nice change of pace running around and helping other people. I can't say I bake too often, so it's nice," said Brandt Kiser, a defensive lineman.
"They're enjoying being around each other, they're able to laugh about who messed up the recipes and who had to restart," said Andy Grant, the head football coach at Darien High School.
Players said it’s a way for them to give back to the community that supports them season after season.
"It's a great opportunity for us to have different exchanges with those people that we don't typically have," said Grant.