Gov. Lamont: Connecticut State Police false ticket investigation will be released in next two weeks

Gov. Lamont says an independent probe led by former U.S Attorney Deirdre Daly is now finished.
Lamont says he plans to review it this week, before releasing most of the report in the next two weeks.
Hundreds of Connecticut state police troopers falsified information on at least 26,000 traffic stops from 2014 to 2021, skewing reports on the race and ethnicity of pulled-over motorists, according to an audit released in June 2023.
"I think certainly the heart of the report is going to be released. And, you know, I want this to be transparent.” Gov. Lamont said, “I want people to know we got to the bottom of this through independent observers like Deirdre. And make sure this never happens again."
Since the release of the audit some troopers have been cleared due to issues like duplicate badge numbers.