Gov. Lamont escorted out of Cheshire school mask roundtable after crowd interrupts

Gov. Ned Lamont had to be escorted out of Highland Elementary School in Cheshire Wednesday after a school mask roundtable turned ugly.
A crowd of angry parents and children interrupted the meeting on fall semester COVID-19 protocols. They later surrounded Lamont's SUV as security whisked him away.
The crowd was upset after state health leaders said school mask rules could be extended. Lamont defended requiring masks in school and making teachers get vaccinated.
"I see what's going on in Georgia. I see what's going on in Florida. I see what's going on in Texas. I see a lot of kids being sent home in quarantine, not having a chance to be in the classroom," Lamont says.
Frustrated parents holding anti-mask signs quickly shouted down the meeting. Moments earlier, the state education commissioner said mask rules could continue past Sept. 30.
"What happens after the 30th, I think, depends on what happens with our cases in the state of Connecticut. We are seeing lots of COVID around the country," says acting Connecticut Public Health Commissioner Dr. Deidre Gifford.
Angry parents saying they're angry with what they see as arbitrary rules and a lack of firm answers.
Lamont's office released a statement saying, "These bullying tactics will not change what we all know to be true and agreed upon by both the scientific and academic communities: masks work and they help to keep our communities safe, especially young children who are not yet eligible to be vaccinated."