Gov. Lamont says in-person learning should continue for as long as possible

Gov. Ned Lamont says he wants students to stick with in-person learning for as long as possible.
In a Tweet, Lamont says, "With COVID numbers on the rise, I am continuing to meet and coordinate with regional governors. One thing we feel strongly about is enacting measures that help to keep our schools open and allow children to have the option for in-person learning."
Lamont recorded the message from his home as he has been in quarantine since his Communications Director Max Reiss tested positive for COVID-19 on Friday. 
The governor's message comes as several school districts in Connecticut have been temporarily forced to switch from either in-person or hybrid models to full-time distance learning because of staffing issues due to several teachers in quarantine.
Lamont adds that keeping kids in the classroom thus far has been possible because of teachers, paraprofessionals, custodians, and food service workers who have been going above and beyond.