Gov. Ned Lamont administers oath of office to new state Police commissioner

The Connecticut State Police welcomed Ronnell Higgins as their new leader on Monday afternoon.
It comes as the agency navigates several investigations into false traffic tickets. Higgins is the state's new emergency services commissioner.
He says the ticket probe is a top priority.
"Information on that will be forthcoming. I have met with Dr. Barone, talked with him on a number of occasions,” says Higgins. “I have spoken with Deirdre Daly - Attorney Daly - and we're going to be getting together, if not later this week, early next week for a very in-depth briefing."
Meanwhile, Gov. Ned Lamont says they will get to the bottom of the issue.
"I think you're going to find that it's a much smaller group of people that did anything purposeful,” says Lamont. “If there are some accidents that happened, so be it. If there are people who did something purposely, they'll be taken into account."
This summer, an audit concluded that almost 26,000 tickets were likely false.