Hartford HealthCare doctor details how to detect COVID, the flu and RSV

Doctors say we are now in a period of one the highest levels of respiratory viruses we have seen in a long time.

Mark Sudol

Nov 17, 2022, 10:22 PM

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People are now exposed to so many different viruses it's hard to know if you have COVID, the flu or RSV.
Doctors say we are now in one the highest levels of respiratory viruses we have seen in a long time.
Dr. Jo-Anne Passalacqua, an infectious disease specialist at St. Vincent's Medical Center, says symptoms of RSV, the flu and COVID can seem similar. So, how can you tell them apart?
"Go to your urgent care, your emergency room. They have screening tests that can distinguish between the three illnesses," said Passalacqua.
There is currently no vaccine for RSV, but Passalacqua says shots for COVID and the flu are so important now because many people have had very little natural exposure to viruses since the pandemic.
"Our natural immunity that we would ordinarily carry toward viruses like RSV and influenza have waned significantly over the last two years," said Passalacqua.
Day cares across the country have been seeing an increase in cases of RSV.
"Elderly and young babies -- RSV can be a devastating pneumonia," said Passalacqua.
But Alina Gutierrez at Three Little Bears Daycare says so far, she hasn't seen any cases of RSV.
"But we have had the flu, Covid where staff has had to quarantine," said Gutierrez.
Gutierrez says she is vigilant about following the CDC and state guidelines.
"We just sanitize our hands, wash our hands after taking care of the children, feeding them," said Gutierrez.
Doctors advise to be extra careful around friends and family this holiday season.
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