‘He loved people.’ Bridgeport mother marks 1 year since son's death in crash

This week marks one year since the car crash that took the life of a Bridgeport 17-year-old .
The crash happened near Quarry and Old Town roads, while Elijah Page was on his way home from working the night shift at Wendy’s.
His mother, Teri Lynn Littleberry, says she'll be passing out school supplies at Short Beach in Stratford at 5 p.m. Thursday as a tribute to her son. She says Page had just graduated from Fairchild Wheeler High School and was headed off to college.
"My son would help anybody,” said Littleberry. "He loved people."
The only way to get over the loss of a child, she says, especially such a loving one is by continuing forward.
It's a journey that led this mom to the garden in her backyard, where she says her emotional recovery first began to take root.
"You have your goods and your bads. My emotions have been a roller coaster, but overall, I would say I've been OK," said Littleberry. “You know, somebody texted me yesterday – ‘How are you? I miss him,’ and I was like, ‘I miss him, too.’ So people are still reaching out even today."
Littleberry says it's all part of the process of rebirth, something every grieving parent must go through if, she says, they want to come out stronger on the other side.
The giveaway is taking place at Short Beach in Stratford at 5 p.m. Thursday. Littleberry says you must bring a college acceptance letter to be eligible and the event is first come first serve.