Health expert says to keep kids moving during winter months

A health expert says keeping kids moving during the cold winter months is important even when cooped up indoors. 
Dr. Gina Robinson, a pediatrician from Cleveland Clinic Children's Hospital, says limiting the amount of screen time children have is key to getting them active. "I would try to set limits and boundaries before the games even come out and say this is how much time we have for games. If you'd
like to earn a few extra minutes by doing chores or tasks around the house, that's a way to make them feel like they're able to get more time. But
we really don't want to have unlimited game time all day," Robinson says.
The American Academy of Pediatrics discourages media use for children under the age of 2. Robinson says parents shouldn't feel badly if they go over the time allotted for their children to play video games. She says just not to make it a habit.