Hundreds of Fairfield students walk out of class to stand up against hate

Hundreds of students walked out of class in Fairfield today to stand up against hate and demand change.
The walkout comes after a picture of a Warde sophomore captioned with a racial slur was posted on Snapchat.
Judith Medor says her son Jamar has had trouble going to school the past two weeks since the post circulated and has opted to learn remotely some days.
She adds her younger son, Jake, is a Warde freshman was also called a racial slur by students in the district following the incident with his brother Jamar.
"It's been hectic. We're trying to deal with the situation to the best of our ability," Medor says.
She says while both of her sons were in school today, they decided against walking out.
"They're very supportive, but they just feel uncomfortable to be present," she says.
Medor says she wanted to come out to support the students who took part, as did a few of their parents who showed up outside school holding signs on the sidewalk.
Students also walked out over at Ludlowe High School across town.
The superintendent says both incidents were investigated, and that the students involved were identified with appropriate actions taken. The superintendent added that discrimination and racism will not be tolerated.
Additionally, police charged the 16-year-old student accused of the Snapchat post with ridicule on account of creed, religion, color, denomination, nationality or race and second-degree breach of peace.