Judge denies effort to sequester 1,400 absentee ballots in Bridgeport primary redo

Connecticut's Secretary of the State Stephanie Thomas provided an update Tuesday morning amid the Bridgeport primary redo between Mayor Joe Ganim and challenger John Gomes.
Thomas said a judge ruled Tuesday morning on a motion filed Monday by an attorney for Bridgeport officials to sequester 1,400 absentee ballots that were distributed by the Gomes' campaign.
She said the judge ruled that the ballots will count and cannot be sequestered.
"The claim that was under question had to do with someone signed out absentee ballots applications and this is perfectly legal,” said Thomas. “People do it all the time...so the person that signed them out gave them to other people to handout without registering those other people with the town clerk."
Thomas also noted that two tabulators in the 136th District, which includes Westport, went down for a short time this morning but were quickly replaced and the votes will count.