Judge issues gag order in Dulos disappearance case; Fotis Dulos pleads not guilty

Superior Court Judge John Blawie issued a gag order Thursday, restricting what those involved in the Jennifer Dulos disappearance case can say to the media.
The order comes as her estranged husband Fotis Dulos was arraigned on a second charge of evidence tampering in connection to Jennifer Dulos' disappearance. He pleaded not guilty.
Jennifer Dulos was last seen dropping her kids off at their New Canaan school on May 24.
Fotis Dulos and his girlfriend Michelle Troconis were arrested again last week each on a new charge of tampering with evidence.
Fotis Dulos previously pleaded not guilty to similar charges after security cameras appeared to show him and his girlfriend disposing of clothing and cleaning supplies that tested positive for Jennifer Dulos' blood.
The new charge centers on a red pickup truck police say Fotis Dulos borrowed from an employee the morning Jennifer Dulos was last seen. The arrest warrant shows that on May 24, police tracked the truck from Farmington to New Canaan. That's where they believe Fotis Dulos was lying in wait at Jennifer Dulos' home when she returned from dropping their kids off at school.

According to the arrest warrant, Fotis Dulos had the truck cleaned and detailed without the owner's knowledge and forced that man to change out the seats. The employee held onto the original seats and turned them over to police, who say tests of a blood-like substance came back as Jennifer Dulos’ DNA.
When Attorney Norm Pattis attempted to criticize the state’s case in court, Superior Court Judge John Blawie told him that “this is not the time for closing arguments” and that court wasn’t “highlights for ESPN.”
After the arraignment, Pattis spoke briefly outside the courthouse and addressed the media saying, "Here is our message to the state of Connecticut. Mr. Dulos is not guilty and when you are ready to try a case by appropriate evidentiary standards in a court of law, you'll know where to find it. I have three words for the state of Connecticut, 'bring, it, on.’"
He also told reporters that the warrant doesn't show proof that Fotis Dulos was in the truck or the home in New Canaan.
Investigators say they found evidence of a crime scene at Jennifer Dulos' New Canaan home and believe she was the victim of a "serious physical assault" inside her garage.
Fotis Dulos was supposed to be in court Friday in Stamford on the previous charges but that has been moved to Oct. 4. His girlfriend will be arraigned on her second evidence tampering charge on Wednesday.