Lamont: Plan for outdoor graduation celebrations

Gov. Ned Lamont said Monday he is anticipating there will be outdoor graduations and parades this spring and summer.
He also said you can plan on indoor graduations with masks in case of inclement weather.
Lamont says he thinks proms will be able to take place, but he wants to keep an eye on the COVID-19 numbers.
Former FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb said he sees cases plateauing in the next few weeks and then start to decline.
"We're never going to get zero COVID. COVID is always going to circulate, it's going to be fact of life, probably for a long time. What we want to try to do is get enough immunity protection in the population, enough protection to the vulnerable population that we can take more risks in terms of what we're doing in our daily activities," Gottlieb said.
Gottlieb said we haven't seen case declines in the Northeast like in other areas of the country because the U.K. variant got here a bit earlier than other areas.